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Leveluk SD501™ Review

Summary of features: Has 7 electrolysis plates that make alkaline/ionized water starting from tap water. Based on some of the ‘original’ water ionization technology that’s now over 10 years old. Requires pH buffers and electrolytes to achieve high pH levels. Advantages: The main benefit with this popular water ionizer is that is comes with a business opportunity. For every Leveluk SD501™ you sell you get a certain commission on. Achieves a high level of pH with the help of buffers. Disadvantages: Only available from distributors at a very high price. The cost of the replacement filter on the Leveluk SD501 is double that of other ionizers. Not at all stylish, looks very bad next to other kitchen appliances. Water Ionizer Reviews Summary: Unless you want to pay four times the price for comparable water ionizers we’d suggest staying away from the Leveluk SD501. Old technology, over priced, on-going cost of replacement filters and pH buffers. Over all we give this water ionizer 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. Read the full water ionizer review for the Leveluk SD501™ Manufactured by Enagic and Sold by Kangen MLM Distributors

Tyent 7070 Turbo™ Review

Summary of features: This is the advanced version of the 7070 that has a ‘Turbo Boost’ options. The claim is that this unit gives you a pH range from 2-12 without chemical additives. It’s important to remember however the the final pH depends on source water. Advantages: The Tyent 7070 Turbo is a great water ionizer in many respects. It utilizes 7, 9, 11 or 13 plates and claim that they can acheive a pH of over 11.0 which is significant. It also has an attractive design which other ionizers seem to be lacking. Disadvantages: The Tyent marketing campaign utilizes multiple celebrity endorsements, paid advertisements and professional video and cinematography. The consumers end up paying the price. They also make exaggerated claims, like “the fountain of youth!” on many of their sales pages. Water Ionizer Reviews Summary: Tyent 7070™ is a good water ionizer that has an attractive design. Good customer support as it comes from an established U.S. based company. Overall we give this water ionizer 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. One consumer report for the Tyent 7070™ Turbo.  Click here to read the extended Tynet 7070™ water ionizer review.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ Review

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7™ is manufactured and sold by Air-Water-Life and priced at $895. Summary of features: Features 7 titanium coated electroplates that introduce a stable current into the water, ionizing the molecules up to -800mV. Also has 7 healthy water options, 4 alkaline, 1 purified and 2 acidic settings. Includes an activated carbon filter which scrubs the water of most dissolved solids before being ionized. Advantages: Very helpful customer support (they will literally walk you step-by-step through the water ionizer installation process) and comes with an optional under sink it. Build like a tank. Has a lifetime warranty. Disadvantages: The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7 doesn’t have a very diverse styling options. It comes in white, or their nine-plate in polished metal. For more ‘modern’ kitchens this water ionizers may work best in under sink installations. Water Ionizer Reviews Summary: Very good water ionizer for the money. Overall we give this water ionizer a 4.8 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to most (if not all) consumers interested in enhancing their water quality with seemingly endless amounts of alkaline water and high anti-oxidant rich streams. Read Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7™ Water Ionizer Review Here


What Are the Top 5 Alkaline Water Benefits?

1) Increased Hydration – Treated water that comes out of water ionizer machines has a reduced surface tension that allows it to pass-in-and-out of your cells with increased ease allowing for better hydration.

2) Super Anti-Oxidants – Alkaline water, like that kind that comes from water ionizers, also is rich in anti-oxidants. These fight free radicals that contribute to premature aging.

3) Cellular Repair and Regrowth – When you reduce the incoming free radical damage to cells you “free up” your metabolic energy for cell growth and repair.

4) Increased Biological Energy – Ionized water deliver extra electrons into your body. This water has the ability to ‘donate’ energy to the cells that need it.

5) Better Organ Function – Organs like your liver, heart and brain require near perfect hydration to operate at their optimal levels! Click here to continue to the full Alkaline Water Benefits page and see what you’ll gain by making alkaline water apart of your lifestyle!

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The amount of options you have when choosing a water ionizer can be dizzying at times. To help clear the air about many of the water ionizer features and misconceptions we’ve taken the time to review the top 25 best selling water ionizers online. When choosing to add a water ionizer to your alkaline diet and lifestyle you have many choices. Companies like Tyent and Enagic offer a variety of water ionizers for you to choose from. In the water ionizer industry there is no “one size fits all”. Some water ionizers may give you a greater ORP range for consumers interested in the anti-oxidant potential of the water. We’ve done over 25 water ionizer reviews to help you decide. Some water ionizer machines excell in style, however are not economically priced. Others may lack the ‘fancy bells and whistles’ but ionizer and transform your tap water into pristine alkaline water just as well. Check the TOP 10 water ionizers here and discover which water ionizer is best for your needs!

Some People Think Alkaline Water Doesn’t Make You Healthy

There are two sides to the alkaline water argument and we understand both of them. We want you know that we understand both sides of the argument.

Does alkaline water neutralize when it hits the stomach acid? Yes, it does. In fact, even a slight change in your bodies pH can have adverse effects on your health. Your body regulates pH of your blood primary by the inhaling and exhaling gases. However what most critics fail to point out that one of the primary benefits of water ionizer machines is their ability to change the -ORP of the water – which turns ordinary tap water into a free-radical neutralizer. It does this by passing an electric current into the water – and the water molecules take on an extra electron. Many of the molecules become IONIC and are able to donate extra electrons to unstable oxygen in the system that would normally bombard healthy cells, damaging or killing them entirely.

Trusted government labs have done research and shown that alkaline water can also negate the effects of acid-reflex and other diseases (see below).

Alkaline Water is Good for You: True or False? Here are BOTH Sides of the Water Ionizer Argument, Read and Than You Decide.

How to Make Alkaline Water Video & Article

How to Make Alkaline Water Video

Critics for home water ionizers are not uncommon on the internet as of late and have been happening for multiple years now. One such critic is Andrew Weil, M.D. who originally answered this question this website:

Does Alkaline Water Promote Health?

Manufacturers of water ionizers state that their products produce more alkaline water, which allows your body to better absorb minerals and antioxidants from water. Are these health claims real? Do you recommend water ionizers?

His answer, originally published in September of 2002, and updated most recently in 2005 says that many water ionizer companies, including bottled alkaline water, often makes claims that it hydrates the body more effectively, improves the taste of food, promotes regular bowel movements, boosts the absorption of nutrients and other benefits. Later he goes on to say “None of these claims are true.” Furthermore your body does not need any help in maintaining or adjusting it’s own pH. He finalizes his statement by saying “The health claims for water ionizers and for alkaline water are bogus.” Read the entire answer to the visitors alkaline water question at DrWeil.com

We know this to be true, as the primary system used to maintain the bodies pH is through respiration and the carbonic acid to carbon monoxide. According to multiple accredited sources, including the peer-edited encyclopedia (en.Wikipedia.org) page on blood the pH of the blood is kept in the narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45.

On the contrary however alkaline water has show positive effects in neutralizing peptides that give rise to acid-reflux symptoms (see below for a summary of this study).

In addition to numerous customer testimonials for the effectiveness alkaline water for different disorders, we also have one of the most prestigeous alternative healing institutions in the world, the Hippocrates Health Institute has written an article on their website entitled “Alkaline Water Helps Improve Many Health Challenges” and lists a few uses for the water that include:

“Conditions the antioxidant alkaline water can assist:

• Allergies including hay fever

• Treat fungal disease on the body such as athlete’s foot

Potential treatments for the cleansing acidic water:

• Blotchy, rough, cracked and dry skin

• Acne

• Rashes

• Eczema

• Psoriasis

NOTE: Yes, there are many brands of bottled alkaline water to choosen from. The editor of gotwaterionizers.com for example picked up these six major brands from his local market and had some fun with them. You can checkout the full write on these brands of alkaline water on this page.

Okay, now back to water ionizer reviews….

Reviews of Alkaline Water Brands

While many authors like to state only “authority” sources in their work it’s important to note the subjective experiences that actual users have with water ionizer machines. One listing for an ionizer machine on amazon has multiple reviews mostly positive. Are these customers wanting to give testimony to their own “healing miracles” or have they been somehow influenced outside of their experience with the machine to write such positive reviews?

To consider that the customer reviews have somehow influenced and the scientific reviews have not is a tad hypocritical. Scientific intellectual institutions often work off grants and have agendas of their own, often following a line of research to prove/disprove some predefined end – such-as proving a drug is “safe” for human consumption.

It might be worthwhile to consider that the arousal of the “ionized water” and “alkaline water” ideas in a certain portion of the consumer mind is in-part consistent (and grains strength by) the alkaline diet fad

Based on some news headlines regarding alkaline water we can take a snapshot of Google Trend for interest in Alkaline Water and see for ourselves that it has been trending “up” since at least 2005 and looks extremely similar to the alkaline diet fad below.

Google Trend for Alkaline Water
Google Trend for Alkaline Diet

Shedding Some Light on the Alkaline Diet Fad

The alkaline diet is one that consists primarily of primarily vegetables like Spinach, Avocado, Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Kale, Cucumber and Celery. Most Internet promoters of the alkaline diet also suggest making your alkaline vegetable platters into juices. In fact, raw vegetables juicing has been known for quite some time to be highly beneficial for health and used by the Hippocrates healing institute for at least

Water Ionizers Are An Emerging Market in the United States Claiming Ionizers Are “Approved” in Hospitals Across Japan

A major claim that is made by people selling water ionizer machines is that they are “approved for use in Japan hospitals”. However this word approved is meant to suggest that they are safe – meaning – some brands of been ETL certified. An ETL (Electronic Test Laboratory) certification basically means the machine will not electrocute you! It does not however mean that they are safe/approved as medical devices to treat or cure specific disease.

If your wondering if the FDA has approved the claims of the benefits of alkaline water or not you might be on the right track to discovering the truth. The FDA website has done a number of articles related to it as of (October, 2014) does not have any articles which list alkaline water or ionized water as “approved” as treatment for any diseases.

However an article on PubMed.gov covers the potential benefits of drinking pH 8.8 alkaline water as an adjuct treatment of reflux disease. The threshold of damaging the esophageal tissue differs from person to person and varies according to how cronic the condition has been, or if it’s a relatively new occurrence.

The alkaline water study posted in July, 2012 by Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol tested the effects of the pH 8.8 water in vitro to see if it buffered the pepsin which causes acid reflux to occur. The study performed on humans where excessive pepsin was active creating the ‘acid reflux’ symptoms established that alkaline water with bi-carbonate was effective in denaturing the active agent in acid reflux.

Water Ionizer Reviews of the Multi-Level-Marketing  Kangen “Miracle Water”

The mulch-level-marketing side of the water ionizer industry has been discussed at some length by other contributors. The fact is that the grass-roots movement and awareness of water ionizers in the American populace has been done primary by a company that goes by the name Enagic:

Enagic USA, Inc. 4115 Spencer St, Torrance, CA 90503-2419

Their flagship product is called Kagen water and is marketed in a variety of fassions, often using the words “miracle water” on the label. The illustration below shows the use of miracle water being used in a advertisement for Kagen.

Kangen Water Ionizer LevelLukSD501

If you’re looking for the business opportunity you should be able to find multiple videos about their compensation plan on YouTube. However the technical specifications and a peer-reviewed article for the LeveLuk SD-501 can be seen below.


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